2009 Jaguar XF AJ 21

Are you just as schocked as I am to see a Jag in here ?? Damn this thing is nice, it comes to us from British Tunning house Arden

These are pics of the new Jaguar XF, once Arden have done their thing to it, it turns into a XF AJ 21. Powered by a 4.2ltr Supercharged V8, the Arden version of the XF puts out around 500bhp. Not bad. Along with a few engine tweaks, and the exhust system, they havent really done a lot else. Arden are pretty sure that the new kit and spoilers they have added make it a much more drivable car, but i think they may be stealing a little bit too much credit from Jag.
The engine upgrades are nothing too special, the standard XF Supercahger comes out at 416bhp, and the only cosmetics Arden have done that make any stand out difference are the massive 21inch wheels on this thing !!

Th XF AJ 21 gets a 6/10 from me, i dont usually like Jags but this is something else, again its mostly plastic and carbon wrapped around a already tight car.


~ by keepthepiece on August 17, 2008.

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