1953 Chrysler 28.4Ltr Tank Car

This is not a car for the petrol saving massive out there, this is a car for Jay Leno only.
As nice as a 1953 Chrysler may be, Jay’s is something very different. It’s a custom hot rod that is powered by a 28.4-ltr Chrysler built tank engine. Most people call it the Tank Car. The heart of the Tank Car is the V-12 Continental-designed, Chrsyler-built tank engine. The engine alone weighs 907kg, include with that a turbocharger or two, and this puts out something like 1,600 hp !!

Warning – Car may not turn corners


~ by keepthepiece on August 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “1953 Chrysler 28.4Ltr Tank Car”

  1. this car is INSANE!!!!

  2. This car is very beatiful, my father is friend of Jay Leno. Very Crazy!!!!!!!!

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