2007 AC Schnitzer GP3.10 Concept

God bless AC Schnitzer. I understand that this is a two door 3 Series, shit its not even a M.Sport, but i will continue regardless….

The reason im getting all religious about this car is simple, instead of doing the common place ‘carbon fibre + big wheels = modified car’ AC Schnitzer have done a LOT of work under the hood !!! Shock Horror, a tuning house ACTUALLY tunning a car !
AC have taken the engine from a V10 M5/M6, added a 6speed gearbox and thrown it in the little 3 Series direction. Not only that, it is running on LPG, remember LPG ? Thus making it signifigantly cheaper to run, BUT, without any loss of power, it still throws down 552Bhp and a 0-100 time of 4.5secs !

Not to dissapoint, they also did extensive body work on it, added some ugly wheels and the interior has a list of mods as long as my arm. The interior is of bicolour leather, Nappa-Nubuk combination. (whatever that means)


~ by keepthepiece on August 23, 2008.

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