The Greatest Ferrari

Finally a Ferrari that I would buy, Ok not a 100% Maranello construction, but it has the engine,transmission and transmission from a 2002 Ferrari 360, bonded with a 1960 Rambler. Stunning. This is what cars are about, not a computers overriding decisions, fuel efficiency or pedestrian safety.

The beautiful interior in the classic tan leather, the fact that the engine is naked just behind the seats and the general make construction quality all have me making a puddle of drool on this keyboard. It is so good it won the Ridler Award. Built by two men(gods) at Divers Street Rods, this is the first car in a while to make me smile, then weep when i know I will never own it! That and it is a Ferrari bastardisation.

This car gets a 9.5/10, its styley, fast and unique it gained the extra half for the luggage inclusion. It fails for a perfect ten, as then it would be a Veyron.



~ by salt01 on September 1, 2008.

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