Audi RS6 Avant MTM

Well well, another tunning house stepping up to the plate and tunning a car. Slowly, people are learning.

MTM eased into this one. It would have only taken till morning tea to complete by the two young apprentice guys. They took out the exhaust and added a blinged out stainless steel one, then had a quick ciggie break.

After that and a coffee, put on a better air filter, hooked up the laptop and managed to turn the twin turbo V10 standard 580Hp into a 3.9sec 702hp. A nice mornings work no doubt.

The boss must have thought the boys where onto something and gave them a set of 21inch wheels to put on it, an open account in the MTM carbon fibre department and a new set of big ass breaks.

The end result is outstanding, and understandably expensive, but you end up with the worlds greatest Wagon.

So, if you need to drop the kids off at the soccer reeeeeeaaaallly quickly, or happen to be a  weirdo that must be first in the carpark up the ski field, this car is it.

7/10 because its 0.2seconds off the Audi R8, and id like to see that test


~ by keepthepiece on September 6, 2008.

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