2009 Arash AF-10

I just got the word from the one like ReggieD, and was told off for not updating. So here is a British Supercar to shut him up while i search for a decent horse to rant on.

So this geezer named Arash Farboud started a outfit under his first name. He makes Supercars in his caravan, like Salt dreams about them in his, and this is by no means his first. The result was the 550Hp 7ltr Arash AF10.

The power comes from the GM Corvete Z06 engine, through a 6 speed MANUAL Grazianno tansmission. Proper manual too. Lots and lots of carbon fibre, in a very Enzo-esq shape, hmm. Cheaper my a long shot too at 170K Sterling, it will do 0-100 in 3.4sec and has a top speed of god only knows. It has an advanced areodynamic underbelly, if you ever happen on Nurburgring.

What would this car look like in red ? I cant help but see the Enzo when i look at this. Take away the Enzos sexy curves, add some right angles, paint it white, give it some average shoes. Done.

Im going to stop my rant rant right here, because to me, this is starting to sound like a kit car which some have tried before, granted this is a much better effort than the yellow version.

The Arash AF-whatever gets a solid ClownCar/10 from me, feel free to change my mind

~ by keepthepiece on October 15, 2008.

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