1990 Ferrari F40

Ive been looking for sometime now to find a Ferrari to rant on, and i was considering the new Ferrari 599 612Bhp V12, which is a mighty, mighty, fine piece of kit. But no, instead, I went backwards through time, to when cars were simple and all about ridiculous straight line power. I went back to 1990 when the great Enzo Ferrari himself still had a hand in Ferrari car design, and when cars were not driven 50% by a computer. 1990 is a time when cars were cars, and power was power, and if you couldnt handle it, you would end up in a ditch/tree/next door neighbours house. Some might say these were the good old days of performance cars.


The one above is a little bit special. This is a fully re-built, track ready, street legal F40. I say re-built as it was melted into a hard plastic ball back in the day, and restored from the frame up over 3 years. It was re-built with such precision and attention, that a brand new F40 engine still in its crate was used, thats ZERO Kms on the clock people.

The low down on the F40 is simple, the 3ltr V8 Twin Turbo produces 478hp, its a lightweight composite frame with a one-piece plastic mould body over top for super lite weight-ness. It does 0-100kmph in under 4 seconds and has a top speed of 323Kmph. Styled by Pininfarina and overseen by Mr Ferrari, means you have one good looking quick as hell Ferrari. Remember this is before the time of super tech suspension and areodynamic wing mirrors ( Veyron refference ), this doesnt have a multi clutch automatic gear box that you change with paddles, this is a bare bones. kick ass, hardcore Ferrari.

9/10 for being my favourite Ferrari of all time.


~ by keepthepiece on November 21, 2008.

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