2009 SSC Ultimate Aero II

Holy Sh*t, this car is so fast it has been made next year, jeebus. Any way lets get round to this one then. The americans think that because a certain Volkswagon is the most practical and fastest thing in the world they have to beat it. So we have the SSC Aero. Reminds me of a standard supercar from the late eighties, its big, wide and has no real style, apart from looking like a wedge. The Americans are claiming it is the worlds fastest production car, REALLY. Is this like the world series? But with a one piece aluminium block and 1287BHP (they dont use KW yet…) it is worthy of a post.



All new aero package tweaks and an air brake from the spoiler. They have rekitted the interior with, carbon fibre. It has new wheels and a nice red inlays in the seat. I like the white and black too. They may have run out of ideas at the back though. I think some one forgot.



So all up this get a 6/10. It would get higher, but they are a lying bunch of idiots, 270MPH,I see a speedo that tells me that, then it may be.

And it is a bugger all revision of the last one. Be silly fast but 🙂


~ by salt01 on December 25, 2008.

One Response to “2009 SSC Ultimate Aero II”

  1. Agreed, a mighty wedge at that

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