Lamborghini 700

Well here we have another of the mentalist Lamborghini rebuilds. Apparently the guy who helped in this one is a high flying fashion designer. So he is batty and does a lot of coke, whoop de fuck. Still the man was obviously a bit angry and it worked.


What they did was get  a “standard” LP640 (yes like that is standard) ripped it to bits and made it all faster, better and more styley. More aggressive cams, new pipes and more refined components give 700+HP. Add a mean as matt black and some pretty good art up the side, and you have one hell of  a beast. Only 5 being made so you have already lost out on this one.


8/10 for this evil looking mass. Nicely understated but better than the old “Carbon fibre and rims makes this a WHOLE new car rubbish”


~ by salt01 on December 25, 2008.

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