2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss Edition

This will be the last of the SLR Roadsters to be made, commencing production in June09, there will be only 75 of them made coming off the line with a nice little price tag of $750,000Euros. For your $750,000Euros you will be getting the Stirling Moss Edition of the SLR Roadster, it comes with standard 650Bhp V8Supercharged engine which will get you up to the 100Kmph mark in just 3.5seconds and up and over 350Kmph!

Please note: Car does not come with a Windscreen or  Roof – BYO goggles and leather skull cap. 08ljb464409888ac08ljb464409888ae08ljb464409888adThere are lots and lots of features on this car, aerodynamically it’s a feat in itself, but the power and brains inside this are just as impressive. Mercedes are claiming that this is all about the driving pleasure and excitement, being ‘outside’ with the car to feel the way it handles, the wind, the bugs in your mouth etc etc08ljb464409888ai

6/10 for the Sterling Moss, I like the look, but can’t imagine driving one at 350kmph+ is that really possible with no windscreen and only two ‘airflow redirection panels’ ? The other issue this faces is that if you are not already a SLR driver, you have no shot at ever getting one of these. Such exclusiveness sucks.

~ by keepthepiece on December 29, 2008.

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