2009 Conquest Knight XV

( Warning – post contains massive ammounts of sarcasim )

We are massive fans of SUV’s here at Rant on this Car, so much so, here are pics of our daily drivers,

Salt, hes always at home when hes driving


murk1, my weekend SUV is a Holden SS


So naturally we were both over the moon to hear about the upcoming release of the Conquest Knight ! This is the pinicale of Luxury SUV Bulletproof vehicles according to William Maizlin – President of Conquest Vehicles inc. Thats interesting considering the only other people modifying SUV’s in this way are the American Military over in Iraq, and they only use old bits of metal and steel from blown up old SUV’s for their bulletproofing.

Conquest 1 – American Military – 0


All 100 of these will be hand made, which takes up to 1500 man hours ! The American Military hand make all of theirs too, but they only take 20mins to build ( they look a lot better too )

Conquest 1 – American Military – 1

08lte502129195ac08lte502129195ad08lte502129195abSo the guts of this thing are as follows – V10 6.8Ltr Bio-Fuel 400BHP, it weighs 4Tonne and does 0-100kmph in 3days2hours15mins. The Armour on it is ballistic hardened steel with ballistic fiberglass fenders and up to 64mm ballistic transparent glass, ballistic, ballistic, ballisitc.

It has fancy wool carpet throughout, not to mention a Maybach like list of extras and comfort enhancing crap, apparently she can comfortably house 6 NBA basketball players in the ‘boardroom style’ back seats. Leather trim this, leather trim that, lots of LCD’s and it is bluetooth capable ? Best of all it comes with a night vision camera on the roof. Awesome.

price tag – $310,000USD

So i think this one is pretty obvious, ClownCar/10. Who in today’s world would buy this ? need this ? or want this ?

Clown Car


~ by keepthepiece on December 31, 2008.

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