2008 Koenigsegg CCXR and CCX

Im a little ashamed that this hasent featured on the blog sooner to be honest,

2008koenigseggccxr12008koenigseggccxr32008koenigseggccxr2This may seem like a bit of a contridiction of ones self considering the bagging i gave the Moss Merc for being too exclusive, but shit a brick this is a sleak looking powerhouse with the added bonus of a windscreen.

The 4.8Ltr TwinTurbo AND Supercharged Koenigsegg engine is standard in both the CCXR and the CCX, but the CCXR has a ass whooping 101Bhp compared with the CCX which has a measly 888Bhp.

2008koenigseggccx12008koenigseggccx22008koenigseggccx3Both are more track biased than the ‘standard’ models ( sounds like im comparing Corollas ) with stiffer springs, anti-roll bars and a lower and further refined chassis. Finished in a full visible Carbon Body, nice, and a larger adjustable rear wing ( Thanks to the Stig ) larger front splitter and sides, all which massivley increase the downforce. Not to mention the forged shoes, and fully reworked interior to round it off.

Now, these cars are not exclusive, they are super exclusive. There will be 14 CCX 888Bhp models @ 1.3MillionEuro and only 6 CCXR 1018Bhp @ 1.5MillionEuro. FYI – The first two of each are already gone.


So, the rating. It gets a 9/10 from me for a bundle of reasons, power, looks, as much comfort as possible while getting smashed around by 1018Bhp, and the main reason ? Because thats what a Tamaya car would look like if you made it for real.

~ by keepthepiece on January 8, 2009.

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