2009 Revere GTM R

gtm-r_index-_page_imageWhat is going on here ? I mean seriously, what is going on ?

2009revere-gtmr3Is that a Ferrari ? or stretched out bastard of a Corvette ? Are those front lights from a Aston Martin ?2009revere-gtmr2

Whatever it is its as ugly as shit. May as well give the low down on it for you, just in case you are still reading and havent run off to throw up in the toilet. Its got a GM Performance LS7 427 Engine, aka the V8 from a Z06 Corvette, which pumps out a mild 505Bhp to the rear connected with a 6speed trany ( American for gearbox ).

It goes over 200Mph ESTIMATE i dont want an estimate thanks, i want a realistic track tested top end speed , is that not too much to ask? It comes with a loooong list of specs, some of which are obviously just taking up space, here are my favourites….

” Exotic design glare reducing wide view sport mirrors ” – Good i need those

“Internal body bonding and sealing adhesives” – Hmm so its made with glue now ?

“Sleek LED tail lamps” – Yup need those too

This thing lets America down right from the get go, Supercar my arse. I mean this thing maxes out at 7000 RPM !! Salts 1.3ltr Mitsi can out rev this ” Supercar” !! The warning bells should have gone off when we visited  http://www.revengedesignsinc.com/ and found this awful thing and a whole bunch of Holdens.

Clown Car100 % Clown Car/10

and also a Clown Car/10 for claiming this bullshit – ” The Revenge GTM-R is undoubtedly the new All-American Super Car”  You couldnt be further from the truth.

~ by keepthepiece on January 15, 2009.

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