Honda NSX Mugen RR

Well what do we have here then. Looks like a bloody fast reincarnation of the late Ayrton Senna’s daily drive.And Clarkson’s favourite car in Gran Turismo. Based on the legendary NSX we see it have a V10 5.0 litre, that is not a BMW.


So its white, has heaps of interesting aerodynamic things, and it is made of alot of carbon fibre. Pretty much the GT series car. With indicators. Hopefully it is shoved full of new and clever stuff that makes it even more awesome than the 1989 first edition.


Now you can see the smallest it of engine in the back, and no one really, well in the normal world, knows what it is. Some say a 2.4, some say a 3.2, both V6’s. reckons its the 5.0 V10, and I think that is a much better idea. VTEC of course, and none of that i-VTEC hippy shit. The original only weighed 1.3 tonnes, so lots of carbon fibre and this would be pretty light – and a V10 would be mean. Probably isnt though.


The back has the classic NSX light array, a masive spoiler and exaust pipes in the centre, whhc is you know, so race car. Whilst I think this is great (7.8/10) it could be better. It could, say for instance, be the NEW NSX THAT THE HONDA ACCOUNTANTS SAYS COSTS TOO MUCH MONEY. For fucks sake, so stoopid America has caused us to lose iconic cars that were in production. I dont give a toss if you invade countries, make up ways around international torture laws, keep 300 people on a shitty island for no reason and teach intelligent design (???) , but now you have stopped new cars. YOU SUCK. Oh and Honda can have a piece of rage for being soft.

~ by salt01 on January 25, 2009.

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