2009 Tramontana R

Now that is one crazy crazy crazy piece of work,

2009-tramontana-r-720hptwin-turbov1212009-tramontana-r-720hptwin-turbov1232009-tramontana-r-720hptwin-turbov122It is known as a Formula Space Ship, a two seater F1 style, Fighter Jet Inspired, bohemouth of a car.

Made by an obviously insane bunch of people from Costa Brava this thing punches a Merc V12 Twin Turbo. Initially when you fire this up it puts out 500Hp, but you have a handy switch that can crank it up to 720Hp, great news if you are wanting to punch the orange light. It has another handy lil switch that raises the suspension up 50mm if you need to drive over a speed bump, or drive normaly. Ceramic breaks all round to stop you and the wife, who sits up behind you encased in the ‘cockpit’. F1 style gearbox and F1 style adjustable traction control, the list goes on and on, and comes to a stop at 795,000Eruos.Ouch.


It is what it is, a fast as f&#k road legal F1 car.8/10 because im a fan of doors.

~ by keepthepiece on February 25, 2009.

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