2009 GM Segway PUMA

It seems GM are bitter with the American, and possibly World car markets, yes GM have come up with a plan, if they are going down, they are going to take the automobile, style and common sense with them !!


They have teamed up with the poor, poor buggers at Segway to bring us, the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility, thingy? They call it the PUMA, but really one could argue with the ‘and’ in there it could be a PUMaA. Anywho, the plan is to get you and the wife, see picture above, to drive around in a rubbish bin with wheels and some little electric engines.  Why GM just dont shut down is beyond me, Obama must be shaking his head after he asked them to ‘revolutionize’ the Auto Industry. This is what they come up with ? id rather walk in the rain, or snow, or rain and snow, than roll in this balancing box of death.


This will cost around a third of the price of a new family sized car, but for that $$ you would just buy a second hand one wouldnt you ? Id rather buy this bad boy,

Clown Car

Clown Car/10


~ by keepthepiece on April 9, 2009.

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