1964 Lincoln Continental

This is a car from time gone by, and by that i mean this is a car that America built that was, is, and will forever be desirable. Clean lines, great shape, Ford 351 Windsor powerplant and look at that colour !! America do not make cars like this anymore, and the proof is in the GM / Chrysler pudding.

1964 Lincoln Continental Custom1964 Lincoln Continental Custom4

This is a rather special version of the Continental that has had extensive work done all over. The engine is a 351 Windsor, bored out to 427ci, new crank, pistons, heads blabla. The cherry on top is the Superchared Procharger Centrifugal Blower with Intercooler, which basically means ‘Supercharger that does not hang out the top of the bonet’ . The ride is the interesting part, Air bag suspension on a 4 corner Air Ride system with, standard steering. Im not 100% sure if that is a good combination ? but shit it looks good.

1964 Lincoln Continental Custom21964 Lincoln Continental Custom31964 Lincoln Continental Custom1

Im give this creation a solid 8.5/10 – its all class, but everyone knows hydraulics are a much better idea than Airbags.

Note – I may be a little bias on the review of this car due to my extremly large Entourage obsession..

entourage lincoln

…but fuck it, both versions are classics. Big ups to the Entourage guys for keeping the Continental as the focal point of the opening sequence for 6 seasons !!

~ by keepthepiece on May 21, 2009.

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