2008 Citroen GT

Those out there familiar with the GranTurismo world might recognise the below beast, to all those who dont, let me introduce you to the Citroen GT Concept Car, seen below in its Virtual state

2008 Citroen GT62008 Citroen GT5

Now lets have a look at the Citroen GT in real life,

2008 Citroen GT22008 Citroen GT408J1G544713504AY2008 Citroen GT

If you are thinking “But wait they are the same car” bingo, you would be right. The equation for the creation of this car was a simple one Citroen + Polyphony = GT car. Originally created in the Virtual world for GranTurismo5, this car has now driven out of our Playstations and onto Nurburgring !! This car will be opening the Nurburgring 24 hour race this weekend completing the first lap. This can only mean good things as far as i can see, if they can make a car from a Playstation game, then they can damn well make my hoverboard from Back to the Future. NOW WERE IS IT !!!!!!




~ by keepthepiece on May 22, 2009.

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