2008 BMW M3 – Darth Maul

Apparently, this M3 below, is inspired by Darth Maul from the lamest Star Wars movie ever,


 Canadian ‘built’ is the Darth Maul M3, 420Bhp does the M3 produce.

I was going to go on like Yoda, but here is the skinny on the Darth Maul M3 in plain english. This here is the typical car that Salt and I constantly, unfortunetly and regreatably  rant about. Take one already kick ass standard car, add nice shoes and some carbon fibre and you are done. This instance takes that a little further. Take someone elses carbon and put it on a already kick ass standard car, add someone elses nice shoes and you are done. So basically the guys at MWDesign have purchased a M3, gathered some nice parts off ebay, painted little bits and peices orange and thats about it !


Agreed these are some nice wheels, black on orange 20-inch, but these would make most cars look slick. This is only stage one of the Darth Maul, I hope and pray that they have something big and out of the norm in mind for round two, because currently this is not impressing anyone with your store bought accesories and orange dipped bits.

5/10 ( those 5 points are because its a M3, MWDesign get none )



~ by keepthepiece on May 25, 2009.

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