1946 Aero Packard Flyer Tank Car

Well well, turns out Jay Leno and his car building buddies may have started a new trend, stupid sized engines in big shinny shafts, enter the age of the “Cock and Balls Hot Rod”


Now dont get me wrong, I think what Jay did with his Tank Car was something special, but I dont believe it warrants a new Hot Rod sub genre. Its obvious that the creators of the Packard Flyer are somewhat related to the guys over at SCC, in that they just HAD to go bigger and faster, but at what sacrifice ? Again like the SCC, the sacrifice was in the look and design of the car, this looks like a land shark with truck tyres, and because its not the first ‘Tank Car’ it needed a good point of difference from Jay’s,


Some will argue that the point of difference is in the power. This Tank Car has a Supercharged 41ltr engine from a WW2 PT Boat, which pumps out a massive 2000Bhp.

So the Aero Packard Flyer Tank Car gets a 5/10 today, this is not the first time we have seen this being done, and it wont be the last, but heres hoping the next time someone tackles the Tank Engine Hot Rod sub genre, they come with some originality.



~ by keepthepiece on June 16, 2009.

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