2009 Sportec SPR1 T80

Ill start with the rating today – 9.9/10

Sportec SPR1

Welcome to the Sportec SPR1 T80. Based off the Porsche 997, this is a great example of a tuning house actually tuning a car. The 997 goes into Sportec already stacked, it has a 3.6ltr twin turbo flat 6. Sportec changed none of that, but managed to change the power from the standard 476Bhp to a staggering 858Bhp, split over the four wheels via the 6 speed manual gearbox.

Sportec SPR1 M-1Sportec SPR1 M-3Sportec SPR1 M-2

Many features of the 997 have been changed however, for example, the Sportec now has a launch control which will take it from stand still to 100Kmph in 3seconds flat, 300Kmph comes at just 18.9seconds and you can just keep on going to a top speed of 380Kmph. Unlike many other ‘SuperCars’ ie: the Joss, this has actually been to its top speed of 380Kmph during testing at Nardo in Italy. Other changes ? 20Inch forged alloy wheels, carbon fibre rear wing, ceramic breaks, removable rear cross brace roll cage and a road legal sports exhaust.

Sportec SPR1 M-4

I thought that that 911 Avalanche was a good looking, quick Porsche, but I was wrong. This Sportec may just be the best Porsche around.


~ by keepthepiece on July 2, 2009.

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