Joss SuperCar

Look out Rant fans, Australia have just entered the building and they claim to have a SuperCar with them…..

joss supercarjoss supercar1joss supercar3

In my usual rant fashion, I will now proceed to pull this Ferrari imposter to pieces. Whywould you make a car, that is a kitset Ferrari ? Look, shape, size, power, price, everything is inline with Ferrari, did we not learn anything from the Arash ?

joss supercar2

In deffence of Joss, not much has been released about the details of this car, their website is nothing more than a pretty clock counting down to the launch of this imitation SuperCar. What is known ? 500Bhp V8 powerplant, 0-100Kmph 2.98seconds, top speed is 340Kmph.

Now the gritty. It costs, in American dollars, $483,632.  Granted you couldnt get an Enzo for that price, but, you could purchase any of these, and personally, id rather purchase one of these…..

Gumpert Apollo -$250,000

Gumpert Apollo

Koenigsegg CCX – $450,000

Koenigsegg CCX

Audi R8 – $135,000

Audi R8

To wrap it all up, the Joss ‘Supercar’ just doesnt seem to be worth it. The Joss is a over priced, under powered rip off, of not only Ferrari but looking at the above, also the Audi, Koenigsegg, Gumpert and the list goes on.


Clown Car

Again, when claiming to have built a ‘Supercar’ it is important to ensure that your car is super, and that it is not the same as all the other supercars that came before you.


~ by keepthepiece on July 2, 2009.

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