The Cars of Entourage

Each day the Car Rants Entourage scour the interweb to bring you car pron. Today we set each other a challenge, and that was to list all the cars featured on Entourage in the past 5 seasons. In doing this exercise, not only did we find no one has done that yet, but that who ever chooses the ‘car actors’ for Entourage hs some fantastic taste. This will be a evolving post so if you think we have missed something, please let us know !

First up is Drama’s 64 Lincoln, used in the title sequence since Ep01Lincoln Continental

Then comes the boys trucks that Turtle drives, the H2 Hummer and the 08 Escalade. Also added is the Hybrid from S6Ep1 that Vince has his drivers test in.H2 Hummer2007 Cadillac EscaladeVince hybrid
They also breifly had a Rolls which was purchased on a whim, and then returnedRolls Royce Phantom

Next up are E’s ‘Manager Cars’ starting with the Honda Prelude, followed with the Maserati Quattrporte, Merc S63 and the DB9, although the lads got a DB9 Softop each after AquaMan
E's hondaMaserati QuattroporteS63 AMGAston Martin DB9

Since I mentioned AquaMan, here is what is seen as the AquaMan car, although it is the Alpine Mini Cooper in realityAlpnie Mini Cooper

What is Entourage without Ari ? Here are his BMW, Lexus, Aniversary present Ferrari and Season 6’s MercBMW 745Lexus LS600h05CC7FE246965F122FB74D98BD8FAri Merc
In the episode when Ari get his Ferrari, he races ( and crashes ) with Adam Davis. Adam rolls in a Carrera2 softop – ‘a bitch slap for a bitch’3603_2006_Porsche_Carrera%20S%20Cabriolet_2006%20C2S%20cab_%2013

And to round it off, here are some of the random cars featured on the show. Like, the Saleen S7 Billy’s in-laws have, the Maserati GT Richard Roeper rolls in when trying to get Vince into Danger Beach and the Lincoln Navigator Ruffus drives when they get kicked out of SeaWorld because his kids throw a snow cone at a sea otter.Maserati GranTurismoLincoln NavigatorSaleen S7Eric RobertsJames Woods MercTerrance GTLim-HosBobs RollsMandy's BMW 6 Series

Victory !!!!!!!

~ by keepthepiece on June 18, 2009.

10 Responses to “The Cars of Entourage”

  1. This is good work. The guy that offers Ari the studio job also has a RR Phantom. I think Mandy Moore has a 6 series convertible (perhaps M6?) when she picks up Vince. Do you think Eric’s Aston Martin is the same as it has been, I dont’ remember the lights looking like they looked in the first two episodes. The engine sound at the end of last weeks episode was sweet. They never should have diteched that Merc S63.

    • Thanks Joseph, good call on Mandys Bimmer, ill get that in there for sure, and yes John Ellis did have a Phantom too, good looking out. I agree with you 100% they should have never ditched the Merc, unless it was for one in black !! Im undecided on the Aston tho, you might be right in saying its a new one, remember last season when all the cars went to the repo man ? maybe the first Aston was included in there too ? Keep watching for season6 updates !

  2. Eric’s green Aston this season is a Vantage V8. It is the “little brother” to the db9 that the boys got after Aquaman

    • Thanks RJ, so we have now established that E is onto his second Aston, which is now a Vantage V8, still in green. Ill update the post with that info, any chance you could tell me what Ana Farris drives ?

  3. thanks for this, i wasnt sure whether or not Es new aston was a different model. his first aston was blue/purple, not green fyi

  4. this website is totally fuckin radical boom badical bitches

  5. yo ghomey here just kidding you guys have way to much time on your hands and need to get a mother fuckin life!!!!!!!!!! SUCK IT!! A little advice next time pick the bitches on the show not the cars fags Ghomey out!

  6. Ari’s Ferrari is an F430 Spyder. And Turtle also got a Ferrari California in Season 6.
    Melinda Clarke was also seen driving a yellow Ferrari F430 in a recent episode.

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